Hurtling through Space

Three Lessons from a Year of Being a Lone Developer

28 August 2019

What to consider and advice for solo devs out there from my time working alone on a platform at NASA.

Getting into NASA

15 June 2019

An email exchange about how I started my career as a NASA human spaceflight software engineer.

Book Review: The End of Eternity

24 February 2019

I like to think of successful science fiction as a house of mirrors, in which features of humanity’s story are exaggerated and examined. The…

Backing up Jira and Confluence Servers

30 September 2018

How to back up Jira and Confluence server instances to the cloud. Bonus: my thoughts on the importance of being a lazy software engineer.

Marvin: EVA Timeline Breakdown

17 May 2018

Examining spacewalk timelines and how we translated them into usable data structures.

Marvin: Apollo Timelines

04 February 2018

Diving into Apollo exploration EVAs and how they ran behind schedule. Science takes more time than you think!

Fun with Typography in CSS

21 January 2018

It’s hard to do front-end development and not notice the little things about other websites. Extra margin here, great responsiveness there…

Marvin: (Deep) Spacewalks

15 January 2018

The future of spacewalks. How NASA astronauts and flight controllers manage EVAs, and the software we're building to support them on Mars and beyond.

Default Size Windows in Unity

07 January 2018

I like to place my terminals on the left and right edges of my screen. Up to like 5 minutes ago, new terminals would open with a y-axis gap…

katex help

01 January 2018

Here’s a handy, dandy guide to KaTeX , Khan Academy’s LaTeX implementation. Super useful if you want to format beautiful equations. For…


21 December 2017

I’m not a fan of horror movies. I don’t enjoy cheap scares and I don’t appreciate the shock value of the grotesque (though I don’t mind…

Controlling Caches

10 December 2017

After initially deploying this blog a few weeks ago, I noticed some weird tendencies / bugs every time I published a new post or updated…

Bluetooth Haikus

10 December 2017

My watch refused to pair with my phone earlier this week. It was late and I was frustrated, a bit tired, and delirious. I wrote some haikus…

Refactoring the Gatsby Starter Blog

09 December 2017

Before I begin, I want to point out that I really like GatsbyJS. It basically solved all of my front end requirements in one fell swoop…


08 December 2017

Every time I want to make a flexbox, I have to look up the helper classes. Every. Single. Time. And every time I do, I end up on CSS Tricks…

Copy Permissions

05 December 2017

If you’re lazy about permissions, chmod and chown both take a --reference flag to set permissions equal to those of another file. This…


05 December 2017

I picked up Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 in a bookstore at LAX before a late overseas flight. I had just finished a large beer at the bar to…

Building a Blog

04 December 2017

Aside from a few one off submissions to the official Udacity blog, I haven’t blogged in years. 1 I made my old blog, physicswithportals…

Copy directories while excluding files

04 December 2017

I’m building this blog with Gatsby , a tool for generating static sites relatively easily using a mix of React and markdown. I’ve spent the…

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